Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday’s Surf – Less swell with some funky weather

I don’t know who ordered spring weather for the fall but I am filing a complaint…this is getting lame. The weather should be clear, crisp and cold in the AM with some offshore fall cleanliness…not foggy and bumpy with W-WSW winds. Anyway I don’t know about you but I am over it.

Monday will be much like the weekend, sort of surfable at the right spots, but textured and sort blah everywhere else. Not really a surf day but rideable if you are desperate.

Our swell will be a mix of SSW’ers, one fading and a smaller one limping in over the remnants of the first one. There will also be some minor WNW energy in the background but not enough to do anything surfwise.

Average spots will hold around waist-chest high. The better SSW facing breaks of Orange County and San Diego will have shoulder high sets. Top spots may be slightly bigger on inconsistent sets through the tide push.

Winds are forecast to be light onshore through the morning, generally below 10 knots but putting up some bump in the more exposed areas. Afternoon winds come onshore out of the WNW around 12-15 knots. The fog will be on it again in the morning so expect some nastiness from that as well.

If you have a spot that can knock down the wind then the morning is going to be your best call..but try and get on it early the 5.5’+ high tide is going to kill shape by midmorning. After that we are pretty screwed…expect bumpy/swampy shape until late afternoon…then we can just expect bumpy shape.

Here are the tides for Monday.

03:29AM 0.7’ Low
09:33AM 5.7’ High
04:04PM 0.3’ Low
10:00PM 4.8’ High

I am going to watch Dexter dismember some bad people…maybe that will make me feel better about the surf.


deckmanx said...

Dexter is such a sweet show! I knew you were cool.

Anonymous said...

I with you I hate this weather. I am ready for fall/winter… Frichen global warming seasons all f’ed up. Mild summer now hot fall whats next 100 degrees in January? C’mon……. GEEEEZ!

Anonymous said...

que paso, man! If this stuff keeps up, I'm moving to Costa Rica.
La Pura Vida. This fickle freakin surf is killing me!