Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monday’s Surf – looking a little sketchy (sort of like those calls in the Chargers game).

I am going to say at this point…Monday is not looking like much of a surf day. There may be a few pockets of surfiness but overall it isn’t going to be very appealing.

We are going to have a steady but sort of slow SSW pulse (190-205) and some increasing local NW windswell. If there was a bit more SW swell we might actually pull off a decent combo swell but I don’t think that small 3-4 second period NW will be able to carve much out of the SSW swell.

Sizewise look for a slowdown at most spots. Average breaks will hold around the waist-chest high range. The better SW facing breaks of Orange County and North San Diego will see surf in the chest high range with some less consistent shoulder high sets sneaking through.

Winds are going to be a bit of a pain in the ass…I was just out walking around outside and using my keen meteorological senses I noticed that the winds were still blowing onshore…(never a good sign once the sun has set)…so I went back and looked at the charts and it doesn’t look like the winds are going to really calm down even in the morning. Oh it will be surfable but expect some onshore bump for most areas. Santa Barbara and LA will have predominantly W-NW flow around 10 knots while the areas further south see a more westerly-SW’lery texture in the morning.

Look for increasing NW winds around 15 knots on tap for all areas by the afternoon.

I think it is going to be one of those compromise mornings, where you give up size to surf a more protected spot…or get a little more consistency out of one break and give up shape. Needless to say I wouldn’t spend a lot of time hunting around. Just find a fun section that you can live with close to home and go to work (metaphorically speaking I would never actually condone going to work when you can surf).


Yong Jung Shin said...

the fog was out this morning, seems like a lot of clean sets were rolling past by.

Anonymous said...

was good and peaky till about 1030ish in north oc

cheerupcheerio said...

Water was cooolllld. it was glassy, but super duper flat. Foggy too. Ahhh I can't wait till the next decent swell!