Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Smaller but cleaner

Tuesday isn't going to be much of a surf day but there may be a couple of rideable pockets in the morning.

Our swell mix will be fading and the tides will still be pretty high throughout the day which is going to hurt shape even more. Our mix of SW swell that peaked over the weekend will continue to fade on Tuesday as well as our background WNW windswell.

Average spots will see inconsistent surf in the waist high range with a few waist high+ sets at the average combo spots.

Standouts, and I use the term loosely, will be more in the waist-chest high range with a few sets that near shoulder high on the right tides.

Winds will finally start to improve on Tuesday and we should see mostly light and variable conditions through the morning with even a few areas of light offshore flow. Check out the NRL COAMPS model...this is for tomorrow morning at 5am.

You can see some light offshore flow for a few areas tomorrow..and some sort of funky variable stuff around South OC/North SD. I would probably use this wind forecast with a grain of salt and plan on mostly light winds for the whole SoCal region then if it is actually cleaner than that it is a bonus.

I wish that we had a bit more swell tomorrow, or at least enough to break through the higher morning tide. Fortunately the high tide peak is now around 10am, which should give us a slightly larger dawn patrol window. Look for the biggest waves in the OC/SD areas with southerly exposure. It won't be worth spending any sort of time on the road to surf on Tuesday but if you need to get a surf in try and get it early in the will be better than watching the stockbrokers randomly jumping out of windows as the market continues to crash.

Tides for Tuesday

03:53AM 1.1' Low
09:57AM 5.7' High
04:41PM 0.2' Low
10:40PM 4.3' High


Yong Jung Shin said...

wind was really clean like as you forecasted

Adam Wright said...

bout time! those crappy winds blew.