Sunday, September 7, 2008

Monday’s Surf – SW swell fun with a slight chance of homicide

Ok this is going to be a short post since my wife said she would stab me if I spent a single minute more on the computer tonight. (See what sort of risks I take for you guys). Plus I have to watch that show about the human Tetris thingee on fox tonight.

Anyway getting down to the brass tacks…Monday will be a surf day.

The new SW swell started filling in on Sunday and will peak into Monday as it mixes with some leftover S energy and some local windswell. Most exposed breaks will continue to hold around waist-shoulder high on sets while the standout breaks, mostly down in South OC and through most of North San Diego, will have some shoulder-head high sets…maybe even a few plus sized waves on the better tides. I still think there will be some consistency issues at times but the new size should make up for the gaps between the bigger waves.

Winds will be light again in the morning, with a slight bit of onshore texture at the really open beaches. All spots see onshore W winds around 10-12 knots by the afternoon.

Best spots will be the points/reefs that are exposed to the swell…breaks in North LA should be ok…but the points/reefs of SD/OC will be the best. Beach breaks will be ok…but a little walled and will probably have some current. Try and surf early to beat the wind.

OK got to go…I can hear her sharpening up the knife in the kitchen…


Yong Jung Shin said...

it is always rare to see you post a monday forecast. thanks!

er said...

Adam... get the Wifey a spa day and you'll be good for at least another month ;-)