Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Waves on Wednesday - Getting better...slowly.

Wednesday will be a little more surfable but still not great overall. We will have a touch more swell coming in from everywhere (SPAC, NPAC, and the local waters) but it doesn't amount to a ton of size. Tides will still be an issue but they are starting to shift around that we will see some better tidal windows.

A shot from the CDIP model from this afternoon...it will look sort of like this with just a touch more size.

Most of our surf will be off a mix of S-SW swells that have been limping out of the South Pacific and mixing with a bit of local WNW windswell.

Average S facing breaks will be in the knee high range with some waist high sets. Standout S-SW facing areas, mostly in Southern OC and Northern San Diego, will have more consistent waist high waves with some rare chest high sets.

Winds are looking light through the morning keeping us in clean conditions through midmorning. Onshore flow moves in through midmorning and eventually tops out near 10-14 knots this afternoon.

Personally I don't think that Wednesday will be very fun from a surfing perspective (but any day surfing is better than working or doing chores so it is all pretty relative). The swell will still be fairly small overall and the tides still a bit too high to set up much in the way of workable shape...it might be fun on your small wave gear, which means basically longboards for most people...(maybe a fishy shape for you tiny rubber guys).

A camera check is still a pretty good idea in the AM...just so you don't drive down and find that your spot is a lake thanks to the high morning tide.

Tides for Wednesday

12:41AM -0.2' Low
07:22AM 4.2' High
12:27PM 2.4' Low
06:13PM 5.5' High


seth said...

Thanks Adam...I think I'm going to skip DP tomorrow....I'll save it for the rest of the week....

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