Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick morning surf report for North OC – A bit funky out there

I just took a quick tour of the North Orange County beach breaks and things a looking a bit funky. Sort of like chicken that has been in the fridge just a bit too long…suspect, if you know what I mean.

There is plenty of size…lots of chest-head high waves…even some overhead sets at the good sandbars. Shape though is pretty walled. There are a few dumpy closeouts if you like pulling into barrels and getting blown up…but don’t expect to make many of them. I watched the Edison High School surf class getting mental on a few of the bigger thumper sets…a lot of those kids charge even when it is breaking in about a foot of water…must be nice to weight 85lbs and be made out of rubber.

Winds are light but there is some bump to it, so I don’t think the winds ever really laid down last night (at least not until right before dawn). Onshore breeze is already picking up and it should just continue to get stronger and come more onshore throughout the day.

All in all if you are planning on surfing in this area I wouldn’t expect a ton from it. Look for a lot of lined up sets, and some occasional makeable sections. Lots of side current and rips. The building tide and increasing winds aren’t going to help much either.


Anonymous said...

How come this Quick Morning report says it was posted at 5:17 PM? Not sure if you were to talking about Friday morning, cause it was firing at the NOC spots I checked around 8:30 this morning

Or Maybe your report was early, early.. either way what's up with the timing tag on the post

Adam Wright said...

Not sure about the timing...I posted it up about looks like blogger has been having some internal errors lately so it is probably tied to that.

I was at the beach from 6:15 to about 7am and again around 11-12...and it was total funk in the morning, closed out and bumpy the spots I checked...and 56th was looking pretty ugly in the afternoon.

Where did you end up surfing?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, just noticed your latest weekend post was at 5:17 as well..

Thanks for the response! Keep up the great work.. It's much appreciated, and really convenient for the NOC. Your Early morn suggestion helped me out today.

Ended up paddling out at 44th, street around 9, a lot of barrels out there... tons of fun till about 10:30 - 11 when the wind REALLY got on it and tide got too fat... Never sheet glass, but still some nuggets rolling through.

Adam Wright said...


Yeah those lower jetties are a good call when there is a little bump...(and a little swell combo).

Glad you scored a few and super stoked that you like the blog.

Thanks for the feedback!