Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Morning Surf Report - A few fun eddy textured ones

There are a few fun waves scattered around this morning. Nothing worth hacking your way through the crowds later today...but if you are close to a halfway decent break you might want to try and pick off a couple.

We still have the mind-numbing mix of small S-SW swell and local NW windswell showing this morning but both of them got a little boost of energy thanks to increasing local winds, and a small reinforcement from the Southern Hemisphere.

Most S-SW facing spots and the combo breaks are running around waist-chest high. A few of the Top combo spots in Southern Ventura, South Orange County, and San Diego are seeing some inconsistent shoulder high sets.

Shape is a little textured...there is some slight eddy S winds showing through Orange County and parts of LA...but areas with high cliffs or something to break up the light winds are still pretty glassy. Look for W winds around 10-12 knots by this afternoon.

Like I said it isn't really worth battling it out with the beach crowds today (and I have a feeling that blackball will be descending fairly early this morning)...but if you are desperate it might be worth checking the nearby spots.

Really I would be saving my “free-time” for later this week…the new S swell that hits (late Tuesday) but peaks Wednesday/Thursday should be pretty fun…and big enough to break us out of the groveling wave sizes. I just wish my new board was going to be ready!

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Jammin said...

I couldn't agree more. Yesterday was fun in south Ventura, and early was not too crowded. Looking forward to later this week.