Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Waves for Wednesday – More S swell!

I like waves…even if they are a little closed out. Waves are definitely more fun than no-waves. Now that I got that off my chest…it looks like we are going to have some more waves tomorrow.

The new S swell started showing a bit on Tuesday…it even got an earlier start than I was anticipating. Check out the Dana Point buoy this afternoon.

yeah I have got issues

This new S swell will fill in more overnight and peak on Wednesday as it mixes with some minor NW windswell.

Most spots with some S exposure will be around chest-shoulder high…with a couple of sets sneaking through on the lower tides.

Standout breaks, mostly through Orange County and North San Diego, will have surf in the shoulder-head high range with overhead sets mixing in.

Shape is going to be a bit suspect…beach breaks are going to be pretty walled, and the will be some current to go with it…so if you are looking for “quality” waves you are going to have to stick with the reefs, points, and the really good sandbars. I wish there was a little more windswell to break it up…but we are going to have to make do with what we got.

Winds will be light through the morning with some areas of light-onshore texture. W-NW winds around the normal 10-12+ knots will be on tap for the afternoon.

Considering the wave-drought we had over the last couple of weeks I think this swell will be worth driving around a bit to find quality waves. Remember this isn’t a macker swell or anything so don’t get too crazy with your wave hunting. And also keep in mind that this is the first swell we have had in a while so a lot of people are going to be trying to get some as well. (at least school has started for a lot of people). Have a good one…drop me a line if you get a few fun ones tomorrow.


kaser_one said...

hey adam,

i got some good ones tomorrow.

(i'm already seeing doggy doors wide open, dancing in my head)

nitey nite

cheerupcheerio said...

Ahhh I'm missing it by being at work right now. so depressed.

baldingboarder said...

one of the better SE spots was pretty this am on the incoming tide

todd said...

Bolsa had more current than quality waves. Pretty inconsistant on the early am sets, although much better than it has been lately.

"POP" said...
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