Friday, September 12, 2008

Waves for the Weekend – You guessed it…more SSW swell

Looks like both Saturday and Sunday will be surf days this weekend.

We are going to have a mix of fading SSW energy that peaked earlier in the week and a new SSW’er (190-205) that will move in as the first swell drops off.

There isn’t going to be a huge change in the surf size…just a bit more consistency and a few bigger sets mixing in as the second swell peaks. Expect a slightly slow start early Saturday as the first part of the swell arrives…but then things pick up more Saturday evening and into Sunday.

Look for the average surf spots (those with a little bit of S-SW exposure) to see surf in the chest high range with some inconsistent shoulder-shoulder high+ sets.

Standout surf breaks, mostly through Orange County and the summer spots in San Diego, will have consistent shoulder-head high sets with some head high+ waves mixing in as the swell peaks.

Winds are still going to be a little funky but we should have surfable conditions through the morning on both days. Expect onshore breezes to increase (probably the usual Westerly 10-15 knots) through the afternoons.

Here is a quick shot of the CDIP model…(I’ll give you a hint…don’t surf Santa Barbara if you are looking for bigger waves this weekend. It is just a feeling that I have).

I think that the points and reefs will continue to have the best shape over the next couple of days…there still isn’t really enough windswell (or WNW energy) to break up the more dominant SSW swell. The sandbars could still be fun but expect some close-out shape on the bigger sets.

I would probably consider this a sort of borderline swell to drive around on…there will be size but the spots that have the best shape will likely be crowded…and piling on won’t really make it any more fun. Personally I am going to hunt around the local beach breaks and hope that there is enough sand piled up somewhere to set up a makeable section.

Have a good one!

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