Friday, September 5, 2008

Waves for the weekend - try and surf early

It will be a surf weekend...not super great overall but with enough energy to keep us in the water.

About the only thing that sort of sucks is the wind...looks like it will get pretty breezy by midmorning and then stay steady through the afternoon/evening. Like the title of the post says...try and get on it early to beat the bump.

Surfwise we are going to see a mix of fading S swell and local windswell on Saturday. Most S facing spots will hold around chest high with some random shoulder high sets. Standout S facing breaks and good combo spots in the OC and North San Diego will have some head high-head high+ sets coming through on the better tides.

Sunday we will have the fading S swell and local windswell still in the water but we will also have a new SW swell (210-220) that will move in and start peaking by the afternoon. This one is a bit shadowed, both by the SPAC islands and the big lumps of dirt we call the Nearshore Islands, so don't expect a ton out of it. Wave heights will remain nominally the same...lots of chest-shoulder high+ stuff for the average spots and some head high waves at the standouts. The top breaks in South OC and North SD counties will see shoulder-head high+ surf with a few inconsistent bigger sets mixing in. Remember that the contest will be down at Lowers this weekend...which is sort of a bummer...I hate to see a good spot taken out of the surf equation when we haven't had quality surf for a while.

Like I mentioned before winds are going to be a little looks clean early, with just some light texture...but the winds pick up around 8-9am and don't look back...they will eventually top out with 15-knot white cap junk by the afternoon.

Shape at the beach breaks will also be a bit suspect...the S swell will be pretty lined up at most of the more open beaches. Hopefully the crappy afternoon winds can kick up enough local windswell to fold in a few peaks at the ol' beach breaks.

Have a great weekend...check back I will probably post some sort of random nonsense about the East Coast being completely destroyed by hurricanes or something.

(Man I need a beer...)

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todd said...

Thanks for the update, hope you enjoyed your beer, I enjoyed my 8+. THats why Im here typing instead of surfing.