Friday, August 29, 2008

Waves for Labor Day Weekend - a little more energy

There will be some surf this weekend...again nothing super exciting but the wave heights will continue to inch up over the next couple of days.

Both Saturday and Sunday we will have a mix of S-SW swell (185-210), local windswell, and some background WNW energy. None of it will be very big but it should add some power and consistency compared to the weaker waves we have seen most of this week.

Average exposed breaks (the ho-hum SW spots and the top WNW facing ones) will have surf in the knee-waist high+ range...with a few inconsistent chest high sets sneaking through. These areas will continue to be on the soft side unless there is a really good sandbar or section of reef that can help them out.

Top spots, the standout SW facing surf breaks and excellent combo beach breaks, will have waist-chest high surf with a few inconsistent shoulder high sets showing on the lower tide.

Winds are forecast to be on the light side...mostly light and variable in the morning with some pockets of light onshore texture at times. W winds around 10-15 knots will fill in through the afternoons.

Looks like South Orange County and North San Diego (from La Jolla Northward) will have the biggest surf tomorrow. The North South Bay and Southern Ventura will be semi-decent as well but not as big or as consistent.

I don't think that it will be worth driving very far this weekend. The swell mix isn't great and it won't be consistent enough to overcome the weekend crowds. So even if you find a playful peak you are going to sit around waiting for your turn when sets are like 20 minutes apart. (can you say lame). Personally I think your best bet is to surf your local spot, bring gear that can handle the small surf, and try and take it easy. There will be better waves next week as the new S swell fills your energy for those days.

Have a great labor-day weekend!

Less working this weekend!


er said...
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er said...

Too bad it's not like last year (Labor Day) :-( Newp was firing!

At least Jack Johnson is playing LIVE on Sunday :-)

Anonymous said...

i tell ya, these recent waves have been so crappy, man. the sets come in so infrequently that when they do come in every freakin person in the water tries to catch it, thus allowing nobody to catch it fully, and then you have to wait forever for another set. man, i'm dying for some real flippin waves!!!