Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday’s Surf – Almost there

Friday will be a semi-surf day…sort of like what we have had the last several days.

Basically small, soft surf for the average spots and some inconsistent chest high sets at the standout breaks. There will be long waits between sets but if you don’t have anywhere to go there are worse ways to spend your time.
Swellwise we are going to have a mix of the small S-SW energy, local windswell, and a touch of new SSW swell that shows up later in the afternoon. Again it won’t be very big…lots of spots will hold around knee high with inconsistent waist high sets.

Standout breaks, mostly in North San Diego and South OC, will have some inconsistent chest high sets…which will start to get a little more consistent late in the day.

Winds will be mostly light, with some slight eddy S-SW texture at the more exposed breaks. Afternoon winds will come onshore around 10-12+15 knots.

Bring your small wave gear (and some patience) and you will likely be able to have a little fun. Don’t spend a lot of time driving…it won’t be worth burning the gas.

Long-range…looks like the flat spell is finally going to break…I am watching the possibility of a better S swell lining up for the first week of September (3-4th). It is still sort of pulling together…check back I will have more updates on Friday.

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