Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday’s Surf – Starting to look like groundhog day out there

this would be the greatest groundhog's day ever!

Thursday will be another marginal surf day…semi-rideable at the best spots but only if you get the tides, winds, and the inconsistent sets just right.

Swellwise we will have a mix of mostly S-SSW leftovers and local windswell. There is another pulse of WNW energy (290-300) that is slowly filling into the background energy but it doesn’t look much better than the current swell mix…basically just a slightly punchier windswell.

Most spots will be in the ankle-knee high range. The top S-SW spots and the good combo breaks will have some waist high (maybe even waist high+) sets.

Really I am very excited about the surf tomorrow…it will be longboardable or maybe even surfable with a fishy shape if you are open minded…but overall it is going to be pretty soft and slow. Definitely a good beginner’s day…especially if you aren’t comfortable in sizeable surf. I will be probably surfing my pillow, building a sandcastle, and/or changing the unending flow of poopy diapers.


Spencer said...

I pose this question: If Bill Murray was a surfer, was in a location with great weather, and the waves were incredible, would he have ever tried to break the continuum of groundhogs day?

Anonymous said...

The picture of the chipmonk/marmot/groundhog thing is the BEST picture yet on this site!!!!!

Adam Wright said...

Spencer I actually saw that is called Indonesia.

And no...I don't think he would ever try and break out. Imagine surfing lowers, or pipe, or J-Bay...and it be cranking every day.

That brings up an interesting point. Say he surfed himself silly, to the point where he knew how every wave was going to break and he had mastered every trick in the book, would he then break the spell and go pro on the CT? Or would he just walk away for a while?

kaser_one said...


I think there's something out there called a 'game system' (xbox/PS3/wii) that they've already exploited that idea. And when you've mastered all tricks/breaks, they just come out with a 2nd, 3rd....version.

.02 from a smart alec

Murf said...

C'mon Adam, we need some waves pronto! You spoiled us earlier this control that sort of thing, don't you?

Adam Wright said...


Yeah the last several days have been a bummer. I think that the Storm Tracks are just taking a breather before powering back up for Fall. Cross your fingers that we get a few of those good Santa Ana days (minus the fires naturally) once the mix of swells turn back on.