Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wednesday’s Waves – hump day surf…lets just get past it.

Wednesday is looking like a surf day…nothing great but a bit of an improvement over the smallness we had on Tuesday.

We will have a mix of S, SSW, SW, and a little WNW. (Which sounds like a lot of swell until you add them all together and the total wave energy is still below waist high).

Most spots will see surf in the knee-knee high+ range through the morning. Standout SW facing breaks, and the really good combo breaks (mostly through San Diego) will have some waist-waist high+ waves sneaking through.

The swell does pick up a touch more by late in the day…a little more SW swell starts to fill in and mix with building local NW windswell. This new combo could set up a few chest high+ waves at the best spots before the end of the day.

Winds will be pretty similar to Tuesday, mostly light and variable with an intermittent eddy that is trying to get kick started….so a few of the OC/SD breaks may have some light onshore texture. It is supposed to be hot, muggy, and we might even see a couple of thunderstorms over the desert late in the evening.

I think it is going to be another “small/soft wave gear” day on Wednesday. Don’t expect a lot of pep out of the surf…just sort of mushy dribble that will get softer on the higher tides. Really I think your best bet is to bust out the small-wave board, wait until the sun gets nice and high, and then paddle into a few before taking a nap in the sand for a couple of hours.

Here is a little video I found on youtube to help us get through the hump day! Really I can't wait for fall, and some real surf again.

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