Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wednesday’s Waves – Fun surf but a little finicky in places.

There were a few fun waves out there on Tuesday but they were a little hard to find for some reason. It is a little hard to tell why, probably the mix of windswell and tropical swell sort of cancelling each other out in some places and making the surf more fun in the others. If you missed out…well I am right there with you…I was up early and on a spot that was good the day before but instead of the fun bowly peaks like I saw on Monday it was inconsistent and mushy, and chilly enough without the sun that bout froze my nads off. Anyway…now that I got a better up close look at the tropical swell I am not as excited about it as I was. Ok on to Wednesday…

Wednesday will be a surf day but you may have to hunt around for quality waves.

We are going to have a mix of slowly fading SSW energy (both tropical and Southern Hemi) and some local windswell.

Most spots will be in the knee-chest high range. Standout spots, with good exposure to the S swells and the ability to pick up some of the windswell, will have some shoulder high sets…maybe a rare bigger set on the low tide.

Winds will be light and variable with some light texture in the morning. Onshore winds out of the west will build in around 10-12+ knots by the afternoon.

I think that South OC and North San Diego will probably be the best bet…particularly those standout points and beach breaks that are scattered around those areas. North OC and North LA have been a bit fluky, there are a few spots that have been working but not enough areas to really make it worth traveling to those areas to look for waves. Ideally I would say stick to your local spot, try and have fun with what you have, and grab a few in the morning when it is clean.

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