Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surf on Thursday - Some fun ones

Thursday will be a surf day...nothing great...but a few playful peaks here and there at the standout spots.

We will have a mix of S-SSW energy, some leftover tropical bump and some longer-period energy from the SPAC...we will also have more of the local WNW windswell.

Average spots with some exposure to the S swell will be in the waist-chest high range. Sort of inconsistent and gutless during the high tides, but with a few rideable sections if you get it with a little less water.

Standout spots, mostly the combo breaks with S swell exposure in Orange County and Northern San Diego, will have surf more consistently in the chest-shoulder high range with maybe a rare plus set sneaking through at times.

Winds will be similar to mostly light and variable in the morning with building onshore flow through midmorning and into the afternoon. Look for onshore winds to top out around 12-15 knots at the more open spots by late afternoon.

I would probably try to get on things early...the wind came up pretty fast on Wednesday and was pretty tore up by 11am (at least in my neck of the woods...a few of the areas with higher cliffs and more protected spots were cleaner). Try and stick to the S facing beaches but don't drive very won't really be worth much gas.


baldingboarder said...

thanks again for your accurate reports. I went to Uppers early this morning based on your predictions and had a good time in chest to headhigh surf. Inconsistent but fun enough!

Anonymous said...

Caught the HB pier today with little wind and overhead sets rolling through. Good stuff.

er said...

Adam was right on with the winds on Wednesday.. S.OC was fun, but of course it was black balled throughout the entire day (Summertime sucks!)