Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monday’s Surf – More of the same

Monday looks rideable…but overall it won’t be anything exciting.

We will have a mix of small S-SW swell and some weak WNW energy lurking around the background (I am sensing a pattern here).

Most spots will continue to hold around knee-waist high.

Standout SW facing breaks and the excellent combo spots, mostly in San Diego and parts of South Orange County, will have some waist-chest high sets.

Winds will be on the light side once again…mostly light and variable but with a few areas of light S-SW texture as you move into SD and OC counties. W winds around 10-15 knots will be on tap by the afternoon.

It is basically the same combo we saw over the weekend…so like I said nothing amazing, just some inconsistent, small, but sometimes playful waves (if you have the right gear and get on it during the lower tides). Don’t waste gas hunting around for waves…just stick to your local standouts.

Looks like we should start to see an increase in surf later this week (around the 27-30th) again nothing huge but a touch bigger and more consistent than what we are currently seeing.

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