Thursday, August 7, 2008

Friday's Surf - Friday Fun Time

We are going to get to do a little surfboard riding on Friday.

In fact I actually caught a few waves during lunch on Thursday as the new swell started to mix in with the previous one. For some reason North OC had some wind-funky to it that we just haven't been able to shake for the last couple of mornings and that sort of bled over into the while there were a couple of decent sized sets the shape wasn't that great. But the water was warm and I escaped the desk for a little I am not really complaining.

On Friday we will have a mix of SSW swells and building local WNW windswell. Most of the average spots will build into the waist-chest high range with a couple of rare chest-high+ sets sneaking through.
Standout S facing spots, and good combo breaks, will be in the chest-shoulder high+ range on average with a few head high waves coming through as the swells mix it up a bit.

Winds will be mostly clean but there is a chance for a little of the W-NW texture spreading down from SB/Ventura down through North OC...not enough to blow it out...but enough to give it a little bump. OC is actually on the it may come in cleaner through the morning if the winds shift a tad. All spots will have W winds around 10-15+ knots by the afternoon.

I think that the points and reefs in San Diego and Orange County will probably be the best call from a shape standpoint on Friday, north LA should be fun as well but a touch smaller than spots further south. The SSW swell is still a bit lined up, so while there are corners sneaking in at the beach breaks I think it will be a lot more workable at spots that can hold the wave a bit better. I still wouldn't totally rule out the beach breaks, especially if you have one close by, the building windswell may help to break things up and the smaller crowds might make it worth a paddle out.


Anonymous said...

That wind sucked
Mike Hawk.

baldingboarder said...

Thanks for your forecast. I turned 55 today and wanted to take the morning to surf . Until I read your post last night ,I`d expected pretty weak and walled waves. But your report was encouraging enough to send me down to Trestles where it was just fun enough to make it worth the drive. Thanks for your efforts.