Friday, August 15, 2008

Tropical Update: TS Iselle is not much of a wavemaker

TS Iselle is pretty much a bust.

She moved into our swell window a few hours ago and promptly started to weaken and fall apart. Current forecasts are expecting Iselle to weaken back to tropical depression strength by later today and then die off slowly over the weekend.

Looking at a few of the images from QuikSCAT and some of the other satellite photos I can see that Iselle never really got much going…and even the storms radius was pretty small.

At this point I am not expecting any sort of real swell from this tropical system…maybe some very weak background energy on the buoys but nothing that would be considered rideable.

Here is the latest NHC forecasts to check out.


Anonymous said...

what the hell are those 2 talking about

Murf said...

Looks like we got a couple of spammers