Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Morning Surf Report – Tide drained but rideable

Monday looks surfable if you bring the right equipment (and aren’t expecting a lot).

We have a mix of S-SW energy and some local windswell. Most spots are running about knee-waist high with some rare chest high sets as the tide starts to push in.
Standout S-SW facing spots mostly through, Orange County and Northern San Diego, are seeing knee-chest high surf with some inconsistent shoulder high sets at the standout breaks.

It is a bit walled, close to shore, and the makeable sections/corners are pretty short…but it is clean, mostly uncrowded, and the sun is out burning off the overcast. It is probably a decent beginners day…or just a way to blow off some steam before heading into the office.


Anonymous said...

15th street del mar had some fun surf this morning. super clean 3-4 footers and very consistent. tons of guys in the water though.

pushingtide said...

Daily, where does he get that little plastic cover? Or does it come with the camera? Or did he make it?

Great interview