Friday, August 15, 2008

Waves for the weekend – no baby yet

Well the new kid hasn’t popped loose yet…looks like we will be going in to be induced tomorrow…so I had a few minutes to crank out a forecast for you guys. See how dedicated I am? Hahaa…well actually I was checking to see if I might be able to squeeze one last session in before he comes.

Anyway looks like the weekend will be fun…nothing great…but rideable, with a few playful sized waves at the top spots.

Surfwise we are going to have a mix of S-SSW energy from the Southern Hemi, local NW windswell, and a steep NW swell (295+) that shook loose out of the Gulf of Alaska a couple of days ago.

The NW’er won’t be very big, really most of the energy was aimed towards NorCal and the Pacific NW, but some of it will push down our way. Look for the top winter spots with steep NW exposure to be around knee-chest high. Like I said nothing great but still better than summertime flatness.

The rest of the spots that are exposed to S swell, or even can combo up some of that energy (like a few of the better San Diego spots), will have surf in the waist-chest high range with some chest-shoulder high waves mixing in on the best sets.

Winds are again forecast to be light and variable in the morning with some chance at light onshore flow in the more open areas. Spots with high cliffs or some protection from the wind will be the cleanest. Look for W winds to build in around 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

It won’t be worth driving around a ton this weekend…so I would probably stay at you fun local spots if you have any. The S facing beach breaks of San Diego (the combo spots too) will be the biggest but I don’t think it is worth wasting much gas for an inconsistent shoulder high wave.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is awesome. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Goos Luck Adam and family!

jp said...

Good luck! (and tell your wife childbirth is super duper easy and that she should just relax).

Spencer said...

Best of luck with el nino

todd said...

Hope you enjoyed the last of a full nights sleep for a while. Good luck to you and your family

Anonymous said...

good luck with the new baby! i love this blog!

Payson said...

great blog. very informative. what is the name of the map that lists all surf points and the swell angles that they like?
fyi- saturday august 16th in ventura combo spot, waist to chest with consistent overhead sets and beautiful. a nice little surprise since neither swell was that great but the combo worked perfect. Please dont forget to mention us up here in your reports. I am curious to see how you can call it from down in OC.

cheerupcheerio said...

swami's was fun ... like you said, knee to chest high, fairly consistent. Good for longboarding. much better than fighting for the baby waves on a SB with a crowd of longboarders. if you can't beat them... join them! oh yeah and it was sunny too with warm waters...lovely..

good luck with the baby!