Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropical Update – TS Julio (not in our swell window)

From a surf standpoint there isn’t much really worth saying about Tropical Storm Julio. He had a chance to move into our swell window but it looks like the winds in the upper levels are steering him back towards Baja.

Here is his Track...make sure to look close at the storms current position.

Here is a close up shot from the GOES Satellites.

It is worth mentioning that Southern Baja is going to get completely douched with rain over the next several days…and even though Julio isn’t a hurricane a tropical storm strength system is no joke.

I expect lots of rain, lightening, and the potential for serious flooding (including flash floods) for the region over the next few days. Even SoCal will have a change in the weather, probably not rain, but expect the humidity to skyrocket as we move into next week.

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