Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thursday's Surf - A couple of whacks with the ugly-stick

Thursday is not looking like much of a surf day...there may be a small window early in the morning but onshore winds will jump on it fast.

Thursday we will have lot WNW windswell in the water along with some slowly fading S swell. Most W facing spots will have surf in shoulder-head high range while the standout combo spots see overhead sets. All areas will have at minimum poor+ shape while the really open spots see straight poor-poop conditions as the winds pick up quickly through early-mid morning.

If any of you looked at the buoys today...the offshore (but still relatively close) buoys are going crazy...nearly 18- to 19-feet at 11 seconds with nearly 40 knot gusts of wind! The seas around the nearshore islands must be a total cluster. Check out this image...

There is one little ray of hope for semi-surfable conditions super early in the morning (say around 5-7am). Looks like those winds will spin the eddy super tight right next to the coast in the morning. IF, and it is a big IF, the center of the eddy gets in the right spot we could see a side-offshore to offshore flow right around dawn in the LA and North OC areas...unfortunately the other spots look pretty screwed.

Your best bet is an early morning cam/weather/buoy check. If the planets manage to align and winds back off in those two areas (LA and OC) it might be worth a quick strategic surf-strike for the dawn patrol. If you don't wake up in time (or aren't a morning person) I would probably just write the day off...winds come up pretty fast so look for all areas to have W winds 10-20+ knots by lunchtime.

These outer water winds are expected to stick around in some fashion all the way through don't expect much improvement until the second half of the weekend. Oh and water temps are going to take a giant dive...we might even be breaking out the booties once these onshore are done with us...(damn it.)

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