Monday, May 26, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – We got ripped off

A long weekend is always nice but we sure got hosed from a weather and surf perspective the last few days. There were a couple of short windows that snuck through here and there but you had to be a bit of an opportunist (and immune to the bird flu) to pick them off. Anyway time to go back to work…

Tuesday looks like a surf morning…but the afternoon looks junky.

We will have a hodgepodge of swell on Tuesday. There will be the ever-present NW windswell, some inconsistent SW swell (210-220), and some S swell (170-180) that is holding in the background.

Even with the range of swells there won’t be a ton of size out there. Most breaks will be in the waist-high+ range. The standouts, mostly the really good combo spots, will see surf in the chest-shoulder high on the bigger sets. Look for the best shape on the tide push.

The winds are expected to be light and variable in the morning…but I would expect a few spots of texture and onshore flow in the really open spots. The W winds pick up again in the afternoon and come onshore around 10-15 knots.

I am not really all that excited about the surf tomorrow…I think that in general it will be a bit gutless, inconsistent on sets, and maybe a touch bumpy by midmorning. If you have to surf the best bet will be to find a combo beach break close by. Don’t spend a lot of time hunting around if you can avoid it…it isn’t worth the loan that you will have to take out to fill up your gas tank. There is some better S swell showing later this week that may have some cleaner conditions going along with it…you may want to wait for that.

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