Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf – rideable but nothing to get super excited about

Wednesday will be surf day but sort of gutless and small for most areas…particularly through the morning.

There will be a mix of SW swell, local NW windswell, and some building S swell (180). Most spots will be around knee-waist high+ on sets while the standout combo breaks…mostly through Orange County and parts of San Diego see some chest high sets in the morning and a few bigger sets as we head into late afternoon.

Winds look ok…it will start off with light/variable to light onshore in the morning. Look for building NW winds around 10-15 knots through the afternoon.

There still isn’t enough swell to spend our precious bazillion dollars-a-gallon gas hunting around for sub-quality surf. I think your best bet is to stick local and make do with what is showing at spots close by. If it is surfable you scored…if not well Mr. Moneybags (and I say that with affection and a liberal amount of sarcasm) you get to make the call whether you should hunt around for a different waist-chest high semi-textured mushburger. Yeah good luck with that.


J.P. said...

Where is ground zero for this blog? San Clemente? The OC proper?

kaser_one said...

Me thinks its HB

Adam Wright said...

Kaser is right...HB is the center of this blogtacular...but I have been known to take it on the road too.