Monday, May 5, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – Eddy needs to go

Tuesday will be another iffy surf day…winds won’t be as horrible as the last couple of mornings but there will be some bump at the more exposed breaks and onshore winds will return by mid-morning and hold through the end of the day.

Surfwise we will have a mix of fading SW swell and a small mix of WNW energy. Most spots will hold in the knee-waist high+ range while the best combo spots see some chest high sets sneaking through.

Winds will be the issue of the day. Look for variable onshore flow in the morning for most of the region that stretches from the South Bay down through San Diego. Ventura, Santa Barbara, and LA will have light onshore flow out of the NW. Generally winds will stay below 5-8 knots so it won’t be enough to blow it completely out…just put a general junk on it.

Winds pick up out of the SW-W around 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

Hopefully you guys have found a few spots out there that can handle the S winds…they are a little few and far between but they do help you keep from going wacky with the constant sloppy S flow. Your best bet, much like the last few days, is to hit up some protected breaks. You may want to switch up to your smaller wave boards as well…this SW’er is on its last legs and won’t be spitting out much power even on the bigger sets.

Since I am currently fighting off round eight of the Asian Bird Flu I am going to skip out on surfing tomorrow and work on getting a hazmat suit for the next time I surf the river. If I were surfing I would give the cams a check in the morning and try and save yourself some gas if it doesn’t look good.


kaser_one said...

Asian Bird flu? I assume you're speaking of the poo running out of the new Bolsa jetty? Cause if you're speaking of the SA river, its the 909 redneck virus. The only cure for that is daily exposure to build your bodys' immunity.

Adam Wright said...

Classic...I would laugh if it wouldn't cause me to cough out a lung.