Friday, May 2, 2008

Waves for the weekend – SW swell fun!

This weekend looks pretty fun…particularly at the better exposed SW facing spots.

The SW swell (200-220) that pushed in on Friday will continue to hold on Saturday before slowly fading through the day on Sunday. We will also have a mix of leftover southern hemi swell and some steady but steeply angled NW windswell.

Most breaks will see some fun peaks in the chest-shoulder high range. The standout SW facing spots, mostly though San Diego and Southern Orange County will have surf in the shoulder-head high+ range through Saturday and then dip closer to head high through Sunday morning.

Winds are expected to be mostly light and variable through both Saturday and Sunday mornings but there will be some onshore bump in the afternoons as winds pick up out of the west around 10-15 knots.

If you have to surf the biggest and best shaped waves this weekend then SD and South OC will be your best bet…but remember there hasn’t been that many real surf days over the last few weeks so there are going to be a ton of other guys jonesinig as well. To further complicate matters there is the Lowers Pro on at trestles, which definitely cranks up the crowd factor at other spots.

Personally I am going to hunt down a little peak at the local beach break…maybe hit a few guys with a stick I find on the beach so that I have a little more room in the water…and be happy with a few of the rideable ones that roll through.

Try and get on it early…you will have the cleanest conditions around sunrise…onshore flow will likely start to crumble it up by midmorning.

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