Thursday, May 29, 2008

Friday – New S swell but more of that funky wind

Friday looks like a surf day…again not great…but rideable.

We will have a new S swell (180) moving in to mix with some inconsistent SW energy and some local windswell.

Most spots will continue to hang around waist high with some inconsistent plus sets sneaking through on the low-to-high tide push.

Standout S facing breaks…mostly in Orange County but also showing in a few areas of North LA…will have some more consistent waist-chest high waves with a few shoulder high sets coming through on the better tides. North OC looks like it will be the biggest off this new S swell.

Winds are still not that great…looks like that funky-chicken morning conditions we have had for the last couple of days will continue. So look for mostly light and variable to light onshore winds in the morning…it should be clean early but expect it to bump up around mid-morning.

I still don’t think that it is worth driving very far for the surf…I would stick to a camera check early in the morning just in case the wind jumps on it too early…but if you are within striking distance of North OC then I would consider making a run to one of the good S facing beaches in that area.

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