Friday, May 23, 2008

Surf for Memorial Day Weekend - Stupid weather!

Saturday is not going to be a surf day...unless you are super desperate.

Sunday will be slightly better than Saturday but still bad.

Monday will be cleaner than both days but weather and conditions will continue to be unstable.

The funkiness will continue this weekend as that lovely upper-level low-pressure continues to hamper conditions and generally trash the surf.

Swellwise we won't be doing much better...looks like the WNW windswell that pushed in over the last couple of days will be dropping fast as we head into Saturday and will continue to weaken both Sunday and Monday. S swell will continue to limp in through the background as well.

New but very inconsistent SW swell shows on Monday and mixes in with the fading leftovers from the weekend.

Look for the average exposed breaks to have surf running around waist-chest high all weekend long...with a slight pick up on Monday as the new SW'er arrives. The standout combo spots will have sets around shoulder high on the better tides but sets will be inconsistent and mostly pretty gutless since the majority of the size will be coming from the dropping windswell.

Really the weather will continue to be the biggest factor in the surf over the next several days. Winds are forecast to be strong out of the SW-W on Saturday, topping out near 20 knots in some areas. Conditions will start to stabilize slowly on Sunday and continue to slip back into something like normal on Monday but southerly flow is expected to continue throughout the weekend.

It is a complete bummer that the weather is screwing with us over a long weekend...I was looking forward to a couple of long surf sessions without having to dash back to work.

If you absolutely have to surf and you can't wait for the weather to shift around...then I would try and stick to spots that have some protection from the wind. They don't have to be totally sheltered but they need to have something to knock the bump down. If you go...plan on it being pretty bad...that way if you happen into a semi-surfable little nugget you will be pleasantly surprised. Look for more nuggets to become more and more likely as we get closer to Monday.

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