Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Morning Update – Short-bus surf...starting a little slow

I was just checking the surf this morning and it looks like the S swell hasn’t filled in very much yet. It is showing a few small waves but a lot of the bigger sets are mostly the windswell moving in from the NW.

Look for the S swell to fill in more through the day…eventually peaking on Sunday…so it will get better in a few hours. Just cross your fingers that the wind holds off enough so that we can ride some semi-clean ones.

Here is the CDIP coastal model for this morning…a you can see not much pushing into Socal yet.

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bc-san diego said...

Why is it that on, the text says the swell will peak on Sun/Mon but the graph shows the peak on Tues (and no mention of Tues in the text)?