Sunday, May 25, 2008

Surf For Memorial Day Weekend - UPDATE - clean up!

Good news...looks like that storm that was supposed to plague us through the weekend has moved on faster than it was forecast.

We are seeing much cleaner conditions this morning (compared to the last couple of days). It is actually almost glassy or even a little offshore for most areas (Santa Barbara down through San Diego).

The surf isn't looking huge...we are still working off a mix of leftover S swell and some WNW windswell. Since the windswell is dropping fast we are seeing most of our size go along with it. Right now most spots are seeing waist high waves. Standout breaks are seeing some chest high sets with maybe a rare plus set sneaking through at times.

I think water quality is a bit questionable...we got drilled with rain in a few areas and we hadn't seen much runoff for a while (which isn't a good combo for nice clean water). So you might want to take that into account before paddling out.

For the extended forecast it looks like Memorial Day will be cleaner...they are still expecting some unstability in the weather but winds are looking light. Expect similar sized surf to Sunday with a touch more SW swell at exposed areas.


kaser_one said...

Daily Bread's got the proof in the pudding to your sunday info.

Surfed the 909 toilet with some head high southern sneakers rolling in with light offshores early, then turned to crap wind by 9am.

Adam Wright said...

Nice...I wish that little pocket had lasted longer. That little Southern Hemi has been holding on like a little pitbull.