Sunday, May 18, 2008

Monday’s Surf – New S swell and the start of another eddy…freaking figures.

In general Monday will be a surf day…but there will be a bit of eddy texture starting to slip through in some areas.

We will be doing alright swellwise on Monday. We will have a mix of building S swell (even more energy arriving on top of the S swell we had arrive over the weekend), fading WNW medium period swell, and building NW windswell.

Most spots will continue to hold around chest-shoulder high while the standout S-facing breaks and good combo spots, mostly in Orange County, San Diego, and LA, see some head high sets at times.

What really sort of sucks is that the winds in the outer waters will be increasing on Monday and will start to spin up the eddy again. In general Monday won’t be that bad…if fact LA and Ventura will be clean in the morning…but look for some NW texture filling in through Santa Barbara and building S-SE winds starting to slip into Orange County and San Diego.

I think that it will be worth hunting down a few waves in the morning…combo swells are always fun…and even with a little bump on it you should be able to pick off a few decent rides. I would probably give it a quick cam check in the morning…sometimes the eddy can pick up faster than we want.

The weather is supposed to get worse as we head toward the middle of the week…more eddy and strong S winds junking it up as we hit Wednesday. Cross your fingers that this part of the forecast changes over the next few pressure-model runs

Just for yucks (and because I like pretty colors) here is a pic of the current CDIP model. Monday will be similar but with more S swell.

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