Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thursday's Surf - Surfing is better than work

Thursday is going to be a surf day...the combo of leftover swell and decent conditions will be a good excuse to jump in the water.

The surf is going to be pretty similar to Wednesday, which was fun at the combo spots...I surfed the local beach break during lunch and it was nice and playful (though the low tide really helped the shape).

On Thursday we will have a mix of S swell, weak WNW energy, and some local windswell. Most spots will continue to hold in the knee-waist high range. Standout combo breaks, mostly the beach breaks in San Diego and Orange County, will have some chest high+ sets sneaking through on the right tides.

Winds start off nice as well...mostly light and variable to light offshore in the morning. They do eventually turn onshore out of the W during the afternoon but they stay a bit lighter...mostly around 10-12 knots, which could be surfable at the more protected breaks.

Water temps are starting to improve a touch...Newport/HB felt around 60-61 degrees today...which is a big improvement over the cold stuff we have had for a while.

Like I said before Thursday should be decent surf day...nothing super exciting but playful enough to try and squeeze a session in at some point. If you are looking for a little more size then your best bet is going to be San Diego and OC beach breaks...they seem to be pulling in the swell mix a bit better than other areas...if you can, try and wait for the low tide. I would recommend your fishier shaped board or something that works well in smaller surf...that way you can pick off a few of the smaller waves while waiting for the sets.


Anonymous said...

FYI - although the conditions were clean, O'Side was pretty weak wednesday. It's probably a lot better in the OC.

Adam Wright said...

thanks brother...those are the kinds of feeback I need to know. Try and get me wave heights, tides and time of day too

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

ok - on wednesday Tyson looked nearly flat around 7:30 a.m. (6:30 was the high tide of 4.something) so we went to the harbor and there were weak, waist high sets that were rolling in). My guess is the direction was a bit too south for O'Side to really pick it up and the windswell really dropped out compared to Tuesday.

Surfsister said...

Santa Monica (in L.A. County) had some tiny waves roll through. If you had a longboard, there was something to ride if you worked for it. I was out at 7:30. Stayed out for an hour. Got a lot of rides. My friends on shortboards got nothing.

Surfsister said...

Oh! Waves were 1 to 3. I think I was in just after high tide.