Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekend Waves – Fun in the sun

Both Saturday and Sunday will be surf days…but Saturday will start off a bit slow.

Saturday we will have a mix of slowly building S swell and some increasing WNW energy (both windswell and NW energy). Most exposed breaks will continue to see waist high surf while the standout S facing areas see some chest high+ sets. Waves will be inconsistent at first but will fill in more as we move toward the end of the day.

Sunday the S swell (170-180) continues to slowly fill in (the main push of S-SE swell will actually peak Tuesday and Wednesday of next week). There will also be the background WNW energy helping to fill in the lesser exposed winter breaks and good combo spots. On Sunday most breaks will be around waist-chest high while the standouts see some chest-shoulder high sets off the S-swell by the end of the day.

Winds and weather look nice over the weekend…look for light and variable winds through the morning and moderate onshore breezes around 10-12 knots out of the NW by the afternoons.

The biggest surf will be showing through north OC and parts of San Diego but in general I don’t think it will be worth driving that far to try and score those waves. If you are just looking for surf you might as well look at the local areas and see if you can pick off a few there before expanding the search. If you have more of a “beach day” in mind where you surf and enjoy hanging out on the sand then it may be worth tagging on a few extra miles to head down to the OC/SD areas. Plan on bringing your smaller wave gear on Saturday. By Sunday we should be able to mix in the better “all-around” boards that work in both small and medium sized surf. Remember that thanks to the weather it will be pretty crowded at the beach…expect a lot of extra fiberglass at your favorite break.

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