Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf – Bumpy Hump Day

It will be surfable on Wednesday but expect the eddy crumble and bump we have had the past few days to continue at the exposed areas.

Surfwise we are pulling in a mix of SW leftovers and steady NW windswell (and a touch of medium period energy) from local waters.

Most breaks will continue to see knee-waist high waves while the standouts, mostly in San Diego, see some chest high sets.

Conditions again will be the biggest spoiler for Wednesday. Those damn eddy winds will continue to spin with the low anchoring just offshore in San Diego. Winds will be out of the S-SE for most areas but with a couple of clean pockets cropping up around the protected surf breaks of Los Angeles, particularly the South Bay. Santa Barbara spots dodge most of the eddy and pull in winds out of the N.

All areas see onshore winds around 10-15 knots out of the W by the afternoon.

While there isn’t a ton of surf on tap on Wednesday I do think that it may be worth getting up and checking the cams in the morning, especially if you have a spot protected from S winds close by.

Sometimes the eddy sort of burns itself out after a couple of days…(the eddy is sort of a big weather control for SoCal and it has a tendency to knock down the conditions that causes it to form)…I think we are due for winds to back off soon.

So get up and do a cam check (save your gas for a bigger swell)…if it looks clean at your favorite local break go and try and pick off a few before the afternoon winds get to it.

I am still fighting off a case of the bird flu or “909 Redneck Fever” as kaser_one over at the Daily Bread blog so eloquently puts it, (he claims I got it from surfing the SA river, which would be a sucker bet) so I will probably sit out another morning and save myself for the incoming S swell that hits over the weekend.

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