Thursday, May 8, 2008

Waves for Friday – Some fun peaks while we wait for our S swell

Friday will be surfable with small playful shape and cleaner conditions than the last couple of days.

Basically it will be a good day to shake the dust off before we get a few better waves over the weekend. Plus it is Friday and surfing is always better than work.

Not much change swellwise…still a mix of local windswell and some smaller S-SW energy. Most exposed breaks will hold around knee-waist high. Standout breaks, mostly in San Diego but in a few other areas as well, will have some chest high sets.

Here is today’s CDIP map…but expect tomorrow morning to look very similar to this.

Winds are looking better…there will still be a slight eddy in the morning but I think winds will be light and variable through the dawn patrol. Eventually they will pick up out of the S-SW around 5-8 knots through midday and then come onshore stronger in the late afternoon. (Saturday looks even cleaner).

I think it will be fun enough to pick off a few during the morning…you are still going to want your small wave gear but just the fact that winds are laying down will make it a lot more inviting. Personally I am having trouble getting motivated for the cool morning conditions so I may roll out with the vintage death log around mid-morning or lunchtime to catch a few.

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