Thursday, May 8, 2008

Huntington Beach Death Duel!

Well not really (how is that for hype)…it is actually just two guys throwing sick turns at each other. Sadly there are no possums in this one.

Since the surf is so blah this morning I thought I would post up some photos that were took on Saturday over the weekend…you know way back when that SW swell was hitting and the weather was nice (remember? it was like a million years ago).

Anyway a big thanks to Toby Sharp from for sending me these shots. Make sure to check out his site…it might be a good way for you to get a few cover-worthy surf shots of your own.

The regular-footer would have totally schooled the goofy if it had actually been a death duel.

Remember to send in some shots when we have a swell roll through (try not to make them of secret spots that when posted will have us both killed...Charlie I am talking to you)


BC - san diego said...

are you kidding?! the goofy-footer is so much more tweaked than the other guy. Unless, you're the regular-foot surfer ;-)

Adam Wright said...

hahaha no that is not me...I look more like a grizzly bear in a wetsuit.

kaser_one said...

ahh i see how it is... so now you're posting surf photos. why are you trying to steal my thunder?!

p.s. i hate you

Adam Wright said...

hahaha... ah man don't be like that...hook up a couple of teaser shots and I will totally link back to the Daily!

kaser_one said...

ok, i feel better now. where can i send the "teaser" shots to?