Thursday, September 10, 2009

Surf for Friday – Friday Funtime

Friday is looking like a surf day.

It won’t be huge or anything, but we can expect some playful sizes at the better exposed breaks, light winds, and some nice warm water in most areas. On Friday we are going to see a mix of S-SW tropical swell (190-215) from Hurricane Linda, some local NW windswell, and some background SW swell still creeping out of the Southern Hemi. Again the CDIP isn’t showing a lot of action...but the waves are out there.

Wave heights are going to average around waist-chest high for most S-SW facing spots tomorrow. The average NW facing breaks will be closer to the knee-waist high+ range. The top breaks, particularly the well exposed combo breaks, will be in the chest-high+ range fairly consistently and will see some bigger shoulder high sets mixing on the lower tides. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few larger sets starting to sneak in later in the day as the tropical swell picks up a touch more.

Winds look ok...mostly light and variable through the morning with a couple pockets of texture showing at the more exposed areas. Look for WNW-NW winds 10-15 knots moving in through the afternoon.

The S-SW facing breaks, the ones that like short-period tropical swells, will be the best call tomorrow...I actually think that the points/reefs will have a little bit better shape...but the beach breaks, particularly ones with some sort of structure to break up the S-SW lines, will be fun as well. It looks like Orange County, parts of North LA, and parts of Northern SD, will have the largest and most consistent surf...but the SW/NW mix should have some rideable waves showing most places (Santa Barbara might get left out). I would probably bring boards that like smaller waves...just cause there isn’t a lot of size...but thicker/fishy shapes will probably be pretty fun at the right spots.

Here are the tides...

Fri 02:04PM LDT 5.1 H
10:44PM LDT 0.7 L

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