Sunday, September 20, 2009

Surf for Monday – a few morning waves

Monday will have a little window of surfiness in the morning but it looks like high tide and building onshore winds are going to hamper shape/conditions through most of the day.

In the water we are going to have a mix of SSW swell (180-200), some quickly backing down NW leftovers, and some building local NW windswell.

Most spots are going to continue to average around waist high. The top spots, mostly the S-SW standouts, as well as a few of the better exposed combo breaks, will be in the waist-chest high range with a few chest-shoulder high sets coming in on the morning tide push. Sets will be a bit inconsistent at times…particularly as most breaks start to get swamped out as the tide fills in.

Winds will be ok, not great, in the morning. Look for light and variable winds in most areas…but expect a few spots to see some slight onshore flow. Look for cleanest conditions at spots that offer some sort of protection from the NW winds…the usual breaks with high cliffs or a lot of kelp, will probably be a decent call. Afternoon winds are forecast to be pretty strong…WNW-NW in the 12-15+ knot range with some of the really exposed areas seeing 15-20 knot gusts.

Overall I don’t think Monday is going to be anything special. There will be a few rideable waves through the morning but by midday I think it is going to lose its attraction. I would plan on bringing gear that works in the smaller less consistent conditions…fishy boards will probably be fun…or at least something with a little extra foam. I would try to get on it early…the stronger winds and nearly 6’ high tide won’t be doing conditions any favors as we head towards midday.

Here are the tides…

04:50AM LDT 1.3 L
10:58AM LDT 5.9 H
05:58PM LDT 0.2 L

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deckmanx said...

Fun this morning. Good conditions.