Monday, September 28, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – A touch of fugliness

Tuesday will be sort of surfable…but onshore winds will keep it from being much fun most of the day.

In the water we will have a mix of NW swell (290-300), some S-SW swell (190-210), and some building W-WNW windswell…which, unfortunately, will likely be set up by our increasing onshore local winds.

Surfwise we can expect the average exposed breaks…both SW and NW spots…will be in the waist high range with some chest high sets. The standout combo spots, mostly in San Diego, OC, and Ventura will be in the chest-shoulder high range on the sets.

Winds aren’t looking great…the various wind models are calling for a light-variable onshore flow through the morning, which is basically the leftovers from the nightly sea-breeze (enhanced by a weak cold front)…so the winds are going to blow onshore most of the night…slow down a bit for the morning, and then come right back up by midmorning. Onshore flow by the afternoon is expected to be in the 14-16 knot range…maybe even stronger.

So for tomorrow…I think that your best bet is to try and stick to spots that have some wind protection…but since the wind is mostly westerly there won’t be many clean areas. Having some kelp, structures, or high-cliffs may help out, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Personally I am going to get up and give it a look but I am not going to drive very far…if you are more than 10 min from the beach I would probably just check the buoys/winds/cams in the morning just on the chance that the winds lay down more this evening.

Here are the tides…

01:24AM LDT 0.5 L
07:49AM LDT 4.2 H
01:21PM LDT 2.2 L
07:02PM LDT 4.9 H


Surfsister said...

You called it perfectly. Fugly was putting it diplomatically! There's nothing out there but texture and tiny little waves. Right on, Adam!

Anonymous said...

fugly, fugly, fugly!