Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monday’s Waves – Fun but fading

Monday is looking like a surf day…and even though the swell mix will be backing down the winds look better than the last couple of mornings.

We are going to have a mix of NW swell (290-300), leftover Tropical SSW-SW (200-220), and some minor SW swell (200-210). Again even though it sounds like a lot of energy in the water it won’t mean a ton of surf hitting our beaches.

Wave heights tomorrow will average around chest-high+ range for most of the exposed areas but there may be a few bigger sets still mixing in on the decent combo breaks during the low tides. The standout spots, particularly NW facing breaks and the excellent combo spots, will be more consistently in the chest-shoulder high range…with a few of the best breaks seeing some shoulder-head high sets sneaking in at times.

Winds are looking ok…not quite decent…just sort of OK. Look for light and variable winds through the early morning and then increasing onshore bump creeping in by midmorning. W winds around 10-12 knots will start hitting through midmorning and will help hack things up as we move into the afternoon.

Overall with the winds threatening to hold off it looks like the Dawn Patrol will be your best bet, there will still be enough swell to have some fun, and the tides don’t look that horrible, but the shorter swell periods may mush things our as the tides peak throughout the day. I think that performance fish, and your solid thruster, could be good calls tomorrow. Personally I am going to keep an eye out the window watching the winds in the trees…if it stays slow, or shifts around, I am going to try and cut off the shackles holding me to the forecasting desk.

Here are the tides…good luck on the work week!

12:51AM LDT -0.2 L
07:29AM LDT 3.9 H
12:21PM LDT 2.5 L
06:16PM LDT 5.8 H

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namotuman said...

why do southern hemi swells of similar period seem to have more punch than those out of the northern hemi? it the distance traveled/grooming?