Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost flatness for Friday – weak waves continue

It won’t be a surf day on Friday.

Conditions will be great...and it won’t be completely will just feel like it for most areas. We are going to have a mix of small leftover NW energy, traces of SW swell (210-220), and some weak leftover tropical noise from the S-SW.

Wave heights are basically going to be in the ankle-knee high range for most spots on Friday. A few of the best NW facing breaks, and the really exposed combo spots, will have some knee-waist high waves...and just maybe, if you are like 4’9” and you wish really really hard, there will be some waist high+ sets on the low-to-high tide push in the morning.

Winds will be decent...mostly light and variable...maybe a touch of texture here and there. Cleanest in the morning with building onshore bump in the afternoon.

There isn’t a best bet don’t burn a lot of time hunting for something that isn’t there. If you “have” to surf then bring the vintage death log, a positive attitude, and try and get on it early in the morning before the winds and tides get it.

Here are the will be Lake Pacific on the high tide peaks.

03:47AM LDT 0.2 L
09:51AM LDT 4.7 H
03:44PM LDT 1.2 L
09:38PM LDT 5.3 H


cheerupcheerio said...

so, so sad.

Anonymous said...

haha i always call it lake pacific too