Monday, September 7, 2009

Surf for Tuesday – Morning Eddy with a little surf on the side

Tuesday is going to be rideable…but the combo of weak swell and eddy winds will keep it from being a surf day for most spots.

We are going to see a mix of WNW-NW windswell, some background NW energy from the NPAC, and some minor SW swell (200-220). None of it will be very big but there should be a few semi-playful sized sets at the top combo spots.

Good from afar...but far from good

Wave heights for Tuesday are going to be in the knee-waist high range for most spots. The better NW facing breaks, and the excellent NW/SW combo spots, will be more in the waist-chest high range with a couple of rare bigger sets on the lower tides. Overall shape is going to be pretty windswelly, sort of weak and gutless for most breaks.

Winds will be funky…we have an eddy starting to spin up tonight and will likely continue into early tomorrow (pretty similar to what we saw on Labor Day). Look for variable to light S winds around 5-6 knots with some stronger S-SW winds through San Diego and South OC. There are a few areas that should be ok tomorrow…some spots in central San Diego, a couple in central OC, the South Bay, and a few breaks in Ventura...basically breaks that aren’t totally wrecked by S winds. Areas with high cliffs and/or something to knock down the wind could be manageable as well…but I would probably check those spots last. Expect building onshore bump as we move throughout the day.

So like I said…it looks rideable tomorrow, and if you have the right sort of set-up at your close-by breaks it will be worth a check (at minimum a run through the surf cams). I would probably stick with the small wave gear and throw in the wetsuit just in case the winds start cooling off the water temps. Tides are ok tomorrow…not great but doable. I would try and get on it around early to midmorning if you can.

Here are tides…

05:14AM LDT 1.5 L
11:29AM LDT 5.3 H
06:28PM LDT 0.9 L

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Anonymous said...

just got back from Oz. great trip. surfed Yallingup, WA; Winkipop and Bells, VIC; and Manly Beach, NSW. Good times, for sure. Cold water there this time of year, but surf was consistent the whole time. Nice break from the SoCal summer blues.