Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surf for Sunday – Windswell pushing in a few rideable ones

I think we are going to have a bit more of a surf morning on Sunday.

Winds in the outer waters have come through for us…and likely will make this long weekend a bit more surfable than it could have been considering our lack of groundswell.

The WNW-NW windswell mix (and some background NW energy from the Gulf) actually filled in a touch Friday afternoon…nothing great but it did throw a few semi-rideable sections into the well exposed areas.

The outer water winds, and a touch more SW swell, crept in and held up a few waves on Saturday morning…again nothing great but surfable on the low tide in the morning. It was almost completely shut down by the tide by 11 or so.

Anyhoo…those outer waters winds are holding this afternoon. (Check out the NRL/COAMPS analysis chart).

…and it looks like the windswell is going to hold into tomorrow as well.

So for Sunday, look for mostly knee-waist high waves at the average windswell spots, but with a few chest high, maybe chest high+ sets, at the standout WNW-NW facing windswell spots and the excellent combo breaks that have some good SW exposure. Biggest waves will be in the San Diego area...but there are some nuggets showing in most of the usual windswell haunts. I still don’t expect epic waves…but the low tide and the lighter morning winds will at least get a few rideable sets into the better windswell spots.

Winds for Sunday Morning…

Hope you guys get a few…


t. walt said...

"considering our lack of groundswell." ????

wait a minute, seems to me i remember readin' this somewhere...

"personally I don't use the term groundswell in my forecasts.",
"Ground swell is not even a real term"

allright dude, is somebody sub'n for you this weekend, lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the clairification. i swear blackies was chest high today... so bumbed i didn't go! :( be on it in the mprning though!

Adam Wright said...

hah I wish...I was having a flashback to the old days.

Anonymous said...

ok i am confused.... no waves today... but waves saturday...ok.. what happend... something flip flopped or did you flop the flip?