Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waves for Wednesday (Well sort of) – Not much out there

Wednesday doesn’t look like a surf day despite cleaner conditions.

The winds will be better but unfortunately we will have mostly weak leftover swell and polluted water to sit around in (and slowly get poisoned).

Wavewise we are going to have a mix of weak W-WNW leftovers and tiny touch of southern hemi swell that is holding in the background. Both of these swells will be small and have pretty short periods so the surf that does show will be soft and gutless.

Most spots will be in the knee high+ range with a few rare (gutless) waist high sets. A few of the standout windswell spots and the better exposed NW breaks will have some chest high+ sets but again it will be on the weak side.

Winds are better…mostly light/variable to light offshore for most areas in the morning and then weak to moderate onshore winds by the afternoon. Most of the weather models are still calling for a level of instability in our local weather…maybe even some rain and thunderstorms…but it appears to be in the upper levels of the atmosphere, which means we may get the weather but without the wind. Generally, in my experience, it just means that you can’t put much faith in the models and should spend a little time doing a check with the surfcams or the MarkIV Eyeball before heading to the beach.

Here is the latest weather update from the NWS graphical forecast.

Check out the same time-period for the winds.

Anyway it is sort of a moot point without any surf tomorrow. If you do want to go out and get some lovely HepC with a side of heavy metal poisoning from the runoff…I would take a small wave board (probably a longboard) and try and stay away from storm drains and rivermouths.

Here are the tides

01:18AM LST 4.1 H
06:29AM LST 2.3 L
12:06PM LST 4.9 H
07:23PM LST -0.1 L

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