Monday, December 29, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf – Did someone order some more flatness?

Tuesday is not going to be a surf day. Conditions will be nice, (besides the water being ‘nad dropping cold), but there just isn’t any swell beyond some very small soft windswell leaking in from our local waters.

Most spots are already pretty fact a lot of them look like this.

And Tuesday isn’t going to be much better. Most breaks will be right in the ankle-knee high range (knee high being generous). Top windswell spots, mostly in South San Diego and Southern Ventura, will have some waist high waves on the lower tides. Personally I think I will be skipping the beach (again)...but if you do head out make sure to break out the 9’6”...I don’t even think fishy shapes are cutting it right now.

This is getting pretty old...I am even considering taking up kayaking or kite flying or something...just to spend some time on the beach. Maybe I will become a professional sand castle maker, yeah that is the ticket. Anyway I am sure you all feel the same way.

Anyway here are the tides

03:47AM LST 2.4 L
09:46AM LST 5.3 H
05:17PM LST -0.3 L
11:52PM LST 3.6 H

More notes on the Long-range...the small surf isn’t going to last forever (it just feels like it)...If you read the forecast from yesterday I told you I was tracking some new SW swell...well now it looks like some new WNW swell is going to be pushing through around the same time. In fact we should start seeing a slow pick up on Friday as some new WNW energy starts to move in...but then a better pulse starts to hit around the 3-4th of January and actually mixes with some of that new SW swell. It won’t be huge or anything but a chest-shoulder high combo swell sounds pretty freaking nice after all of this flatness. A couple of these storms are still forming so keep your fingers crossed that they produce better than the forecasts say they will.


Anonymous said...

saw some wiccans doing funky stuff on coronado beach yesterday. perhaps the ocean has been cursed and that is why we are not getting any waves.

Anonymous said...

SoCal rarely breaks in the winter when we have a high pressure system parked over the region.

This is the time when Santa Cruz puts on a show. It's sort of their equivalent of Sept-Oct in OC. Take a look at the recent Surfline pictorial - it has some good shots of the waves I saw the day after Xmas.

Once winter begins in earnest, the storm fronts tend to wash out anything north of Pt Conception.

People wait all year for what's about to happen at a few select points & reefs in SB/SD. Got to get it before spring conditions take it out though.