Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Cleaner, smaller, with a touch of high-tideness

Tuesday looks like a surf day...but we are going to probably want to wait for the high tide to drop.

We will have a mix of backing off WNW swell and some smaller but consistent SSW energy that is holding in the background.

Average spots will be in the waist-chest high+ range while the top WNW standouts and excellent combo breaks see surf around chest-head high on sets. The bigger waves will be less consistent through the morning thanks to the high tide swamp but we should see more playful shape as the tide drops through midday.

Winds look decent...mostly light and variable to light offshore for most spots in the morning with some stronger NE gusts around the LA/Ventura passes and Canyons. Light onshore winds develop through the afternoon.

If you have the flexibility to work around the tide that is going to be your best call...there should still be plenty of fun waves at the better exposed spots throughout SoCal once the tide starts to drain out. SD will have the biggest surf since it is still picking up more of the WNW-NW energy...but the combo breaks throughout the other areas should have some playful peaks sneaking through...particularly at the more exposed beach breaks.

Here are the tides...have a good one.

05:37AM LST 6.0 H (damn)
01:00PM LST -0.3 L
07:09PM LST 3.5 H
11:57PM LST 1.8 L

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deckmanx said...

Oceanside was going off today