Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Surf for New Years day – Happy New Year!

There were a few rideable windswell peaks on Wednesday…nothing exciting but not flat either. Looks like 2009 is going to start off with some pretty similar conditions.

All in all it looks like Thursday is going to be rideable…again not what I would call a “surf day” but it is a holiday, and if you don’t mind the fog, there are definitely worse ways to spend it that floating around picking off a few knee-waist high lines.

We are going to see the same mix of local WNW-NW windswell and some background energy from the WNW/SW from further away storms. Most spots will continue to see the knee-high waves with some bigger sets. Standout spots, mostly Ventura, The South Bay, and San Diego, will have some waist high surf with waist-high+ sets. Shape will be soft again for the morning as the tide fills in and will get…uh…slightly less soft on the low tide.

Winds look ok again…mostly light and variable through the morning and variable onshore to light onshore through the afternoon. The forecast models are calling for more of that cold-ass fog tomorrow as well.

I would just plan on surfing local…it won’t be worth driving very far or anything. Getting in a surf at your home break and then getting back to watch some football and nap on the couch sounds like a good way to spend New Year’s Day.

Have a good one…here’s to a good year!

12:21AM LST 3.7 H
05:25AM LST 2.4 L
10:59AM LST 4.4 H
06:15PM LST 0.4 L


Pezman said...

Happy New Year Adam!
Here's to better swell & a season full of clean mackers in '09

Anonymous said...

Are we suffering from la nina, here in SouCA ( I feel like a sucka)? Is it true we get better southern hemis in la nina?
How does the So PAc set up during la ninas and el ninos in relation to So hemis 4 us? Just a few interwoven topics if you get a chance in 2009.
Thanks 4 all u do, H N Y!

Anonymous said...

Today was one of the most pathetic days I've seen in a long time. Not so bad if it's lonely & deserted, but an absolute joke when crowded.

I can sense a high pressure system is going to set up by next week after this low blows out with drizzle/rain. Now all we need is a W/NW coming in at 280 and we'll be set.

On another bright note, only 3 more mos till SPac swells start finding their way to OC.

Anonymous said...

would it be worth a trip to the ranch Sat or will there be too much wind?

Anonymous said...

Donde esta, Adam?

Adam Wright said...

Thanks guys for the New Years stuff!

And to answer the random questions.

Coco - We are in a mild La Nina...and there hasn't been a ton of study on the correllation between the la nina and S.Hemis...but when you think abou it the nina has a tendency to pool warmer water over on the western side of the Pacific rather than the eastern side. That area is sort of the breeding groud for the tropical and warmer midlatitude storms that fuel the bigger/colder storms in our swell window with latent heat energy. So it would seem that the La Nina conditions would help to increase the likely hood of better Southern Hemi swells. Just my 2 cents.

Anon2 - I would probably hold off the Ranch for the weekend...but next week as the weather moves out could be pretty fun.