Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday’s (blank) – The small spell continues

So Thursday isn’t looking like much of a surf day.

Seriously I am getting a little sick of writing that line…I am bored with the lack of waves and writing about the lack of waves…and I am sure that you all are bored reading about it. I know that a few of the windswell spots have been at least marginally rideable but the combo of funky weather and pootacular water quality haven’t made a paddle out very appealing.

Thursday the weather shifts around a bit, the rain moves out but W-NW winds are forecast to follow the front and should chop up conditions, and also come in from such a steep angle that we don’t get any more size out of the already small windswell.

So we can expect mostly weak windswell, some tiny SW background swell, and onshore winds. Where do I sign up!...Actually my friend keeps asking me if I want to head to the local mountains for a snowboard session which might be the best call any of us could make…anyway wave heights will be around knee-waist high for most of the exposed spots. A few of the standout breaks down in Southern San Diego (and probably through Southern Ventura as well) will have some chest high waves on inconsistent sets. Shape looks mostly poor but may have a bit more of a window in the morning.

This is the COAMPS forecast for Thursday morning’s dawn patrol…not very promising.

Here are the tides

02:15AM LST 4.3 H
08:02AM LST 2.2 L
01:20PM LST 4.0 H
08:15PM LST 0.6 L


Anonymous said...

lowers was waist high and offshore; nobody out and water looked suspect

kaser_one said...

where's lowers?

Anonymous said...

below uppers but above middles