Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday’s Surf – This sucks

Monday is not going to be much of a surf day.

A new cold front, rain, and increasing onshore winds are forecast to move in later tonight. About the only thing that this storm will be good for (besides sending in some more snow) is building up the wave heights slightly. At this point we can expect slowly increasing W windswell (with crap 5-7 second swell periods…seriously I can’t believe I am even talking about this) building our nearly flat surf to an outstanding chest high at the top San Diego/Ventura spots by tomorrow afternoon.

Before we get too excited remember that onshore winds out of the W will be on tap 10-15 knots for the morning and then cap out around 20-25 knots by the afternoon. Showers are likely throughout the day. Check out the COAMPS forecast for tomorrow

Your best bet is to stay in bed tomorrow, maybe read the paper, or have some donuts. You might give the cams a quick check just in case we get lucky and the front stalls out enough to send in a couple of chilly dawn patrol waves before junky it out…but don’t hold your breath.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am sooo over this tiny surf...It is getting to the point that I am seriously considering that a human sacrafice might be the way to go. Or maybe we just need to have a coordinated "lackosurf" seems like the surf has a tendency to be better when you are hungover...maybe if enough of us are at the same time we can lift the wave curse...maybe the day after Christmas is a good target?


Anonymous said...

sounds good to me. sign me up.
december 26th. get smashed for surf day. count me in.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been out for 2 weeks since the last good run of surf. At this point, I usually need to get out just to get some exercise.

Nothing is worse than holding out until it gets good again, only to take an hour to get back in the groove of things with timing, etc.

I can sense surf on the horizon (only because I can't remember the last time Calif shut down in Dec for 2 weeks) - time to get back into a surf check routine.

Anonymous said...

sucks, sucks, sucks! any news for something coming after the 27th?

Anonymous said...

This is turning out like that stupid movie "Surfer Dude". Where the hell are the waves, man?